Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Friday

Yesterday, I've spent almost whole day shopping at Queensbay~
Although I had class at 8-10am, and 3-5pm.
After 10am, my frens and I planned going to watch Money Not Enough 2 and "makan ho liao", but due to we had to rush for completing our FI assignment, we were so worried that we can't watch the movie on time (the movie was started at 11.45am). Lucikly, we can finish it on time and then we quickly went to there.

The movie was damn nice!! It was funny yet touching. Then, we went to a Taiwanese store makan. The store is named as SHIHLIN. People, do recognice this name, because~~ the food is so YUMMY!!!!!!! I love it!!!

After having lunch, we went to Inti to attend Law class around 2 hours. Seriously, the class was boring enough, but I tried to pay attention as possible as I can when Mr Tan Chee Keong was lecturing. Also been forcing myself not to dream or fell asleep during that class~! haha!!!

Sim and I continue shopping at Queensbay after the class dismissed. I din buy anything except a spaghetti stripes at Forever 21. Whereas Sim was really a shopping maniac~ She bought many nice clothes o!! All the clothes are very nice and elegant one le! =)

Before we leave, we went Shihlin makan again!!!!! ahahahaxx
I know that U guys sure laugh at us~
No doubt, the food too yummy d...hehee!!
Moreover, the price is reasonable too!
I sure will keep paying visit to there again again and again!!!
I will bring along my Butterworth friends. =D

Conclusion, yesterday was a happy day to me!

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