Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She deserves to win an award!

I definitely think Tavia deserves an award for her role in this series.
I hope she can get the "Most Favorite Female Character" award.
I think her character in this series was very likable and enjoyable as well.
Her crying scenes in this series was very good!!!
Her nose was all red and the tears just drip from her eyes.
I think Tavia portrayed her character as Suen Ho Yuet in this series very well~~~


She deserves the award!
Her acting is outstanding in the series!!!!
Her character and herself deserve it. =)

if she fails to get into the Most Favourite Female Character nomination,
i think at least she can be nominated for Best Supporting Actress award for sure~~

GOGOGO, 杨怡!!


jerry said...

i support her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanna said...

recently newspaper got alot of her news~