Monday, September 22, 2008

Music Man 2008 Concert (Taiwan)

Waoo! That's pretty COOL!!!

Omg! what an unique guitar that i've ever seen!!!

Charming !!!

I like this expression le! So cute!!

Yooo...LAm SEi Yan ar!

O.O Seducing the fans??!

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How I wish I was there!!!!!!!!!!
Sob Sob!!

When will this concert held in Malaysia?!
Don't tell me that is end of this year lo, bo eng lar!


=YeongLi= said...

ashin works with leehom~
designing a shirt
wanna see?
i send you^^

OSK said...

image cant be displayed?

Joanna said...

Yeongli~ yes i want!!!

OSK~ weii, i now only realise it!!!
Ishh!! i need to edit this post again..