Wednesday, July 23, 2008

23 July 08

It is the 3rd day of new sem.
Today, have learnt a new subject called Develop An Organisational Plan
It talked about how to operate a small business and we are required to prepare a business plan.
It is part of assignment for this subject. I think it is very challenging as we have to do many surveys and it will be taken around 7 weeks to complete it.

But, what business should I do?
I lack of idea now~
Still thinking......

On the other hand, I attended Taxation class today too
It is another killer subject instead of Law as the failure rate also very high!
It involves lots of calculation, various kind of rates..

It is not easy at all!
Is't like add maths?

I'm so scared!

Conclusion, today is a boring day to me..


Hopefully there will be a new fresh day for me tomorrow!


jerry said...

wan operate a busness adee??
then u mar wana becum tauke sou~~~~
tauke sou

Joanna said...

bt i got no idea which type of business should i operate~
gv me some suggestions le..