Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vanessa Hudgens [Identified] (Great Album)

"Vanessa Hudgens? Who is she?"

She is playing the role of Gabriella in HSM

She is the girlfriend of Zac Efron

She is a great pop female singer

Her father is an American of Irish and Native American descent, and her mother, who grew up in Manila, is a Filipino-born of Filipino descent




She is pretty

She looks sweet

And now, she has released her latest album !!!!

Vanessa Hudgens a.k.a Baby V~
She is one of my favourite western celeb!
I love her song much!

Well, I have her first album [V] and love the songs of "Say OK", "Never underestimate a girl", "Come back to me", "Afraid", "Whatever will be " in particular ^^

And now, the second album [Identified], had brought her sexy back!
She was so right when she was saying that she would make a new sound and this will be ROCKS. It's MORE POP, HIP-HOP, SOUL, R&B, kinda thing.
This album gives her more of a sexy side. I LOVE IT THOUGH.
My favourite songs are "Identified", "First Bad Habit", "Sneakernight"
I would love to see the MV for these songs.

I have downloaded the songs from net..woohoo!
It's a worth to listen!


This is the preview of the album..

Here's the track list of the album

1. "Last Night"
2. "Identified"
3. "First Bad Habit"
4. "Hook It Up"
5. "Don't Ask Why"
6. "Sneakernight"
7. "Amazed" (Ft. Lil Mama)
8. "Don't Leave"
9. "Paper Cut"
10. "Party On The Moon"
11. "Did It Ever Cross Your Mind"
12. "Gone With The Wind"


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weizz said...

finally you update your blog. heh.
i like kenny G alot. i got his album .XD. btw, why dont you put cbox in your blog? easier to chat and leave comment.

Joanna said...

wahahah!! thks!
i love Kenny G too, as well as my dad! he is his fan! heehee!
ok, i will consider to put a cbox in my blog~ bt juz scared later no ppl leave comment only xD

wil said...

i prefer ashley tisdale~
she's hot!! XD

Joanna said...


Ashley not bad!
She has a good personality in reality..
I started to like her when i watch HSM..