Monday, July 28, 2008

Sem 3 Expenses

Today I just paid for the tax's books~
It COSTED RM100!!!!! O
nly for 7 books!!!

Finally, all subject books were claimed~~

Therefore, let me summarise the books that I have bought for this sem!

Programme: TAFE
Semester : 3
Session : July 08

FNSACCT608A (Loo) unknown
+FNSACCT504A (Loo) unknown = RM50.00

+Corperation Law (TCK) = RM78.00 + RM50.00 (updated)

+Income Tax Law (TCK) = RM100.00

+An Organisational Plan (Goh) = RM15.00

+Internal Control (Punita) = RM19.30

TOTAL = RM 312.30 (updated) expensive le..

Moreover, the books are just Photocopied only!!!

Not Original one!!


AND, for sure I believe that we will be photocopying many many many exercises/notes in the coming 13 weeks~!

$$$$ again...



ivian said...

damnnnnnn intii!!!!

cost us alot for these bookss...

it is really expensive!!!


wil said...

i bought a book with rm 400~