Monday, July 28, 2008

This is not an ordinary Maker Pen!!!

Okay, as the title that stated above, this is a special maker pen for me!
This is my friend, Ivian sim sim sim's maker pen!
And this is not the main point!

The main point is~~~

My idol, Charmaine Sheh had been using this maker pen when Sim went to see her concert! She asked Sheh to sign for her!! OMGGGG!!!!!!


I have used this maker pen just now! In other words, it is my pleasure to use it as Sheh also used it before!
wahahaha!!! wahahahah!! wahahahaha!!! xP

See, the autographed photo by Ah Sheh!!!!


jerry said...

how lucky u n chien wei was
can use sheh used de pen
did u smell n c gt her smell o nt??

ivian said...

yesssssss...this is not an ordinary marker pen!!!!
haha...u got smell or not???(as mentioned by jerry..haha)
but...we are really lucky(because we have seen her before)...
and no regret for loving ah sheh!!!
she is really the best actress in our world!!
hope we can continue to love her until the end of our lifetime...
i am very happy to share with you this "special" marker pen for us!!!

Joanna said...


i din smell le..
u tot im that bian tai mie..
bt i can feel it
hehehhe xP


thank you sim!!! for lending me using it!!
I hope to see her again! then we go together!! take photo with her!!! talk with her!!! omg!!! ..

weizz said...