Friday, July 4, 2008

My Memorable Birthday!

130608, is a special and unforgettable night in my life time^^

My best buddies were celebrating birthday to me..i get touched enough!
We celebrated at Witchery Ider that located at Raja Uda.
Initially, I thought we just had a normal gathering, without any special stuff~
Who knows, one of the friend suddendly appeared in front of me, taking a big Tiramissu cake and said that " ZHENLI, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! "

OMG! i was so surprised and shocked at that time! He told me that he was going back to Malacca and was unable to wish me before, and kept saying sorry to me~ At first, i was not really believed it, but i started to believe it later on. Well, all of this have been planned before. They wanted to create a surprise to me, goshh! They cheated me! But, i felt so happy and surprised as they have the intention to bring me into a meaningful birthday celebration! I thought I was dreaming!!!


We had a great moment at there.
We took numerous of pictures too~
I have also received the best birthday gifts ever from them also!
It is my favourite Pirates Of The Carribean stuff!!!
"Piratey" Bear Bear Card, POC-The Black Pearl DVD, and The Black Pearl!!!
Oh My!!!

Again, THANK YOU!!!! xD

Actually that time i was busy with my final exams preparation, and coincidentally, my 19th birthday also fell on that period. Since the final exams were not well prepared yet, how could i got the mood to think about it le? I never thought that my dear fellows would gave me a wonderful birthday celebration!!! What you guys done to me will be the everlasting memory in my heart!
I love you guys! Muaxx!!!

Besides, i also would like to say thank you for those who wished me happy birthday too!!! 谢谢你们!!!!

My Birthday's cake!

The light effect not bad huh?! hehe!

That is me n jojo!

Yirn, Jojo n I (Charlie's Angels)

Gang of girls with Eddie

Gang of girl with Gcc

Yirn n I ^^ she is the main organiser o! thank you!


Yen Shan n I ^^

Gcc n I~ Thanks for ur Ship! ^^

Tze Suen n I ^^

Li Chuang n I ^^

Thank You Guys!!!!

That is my Ship, The Black Pearl!

The best and special gifts ever! ^^


p/s: and special thanks to Dawen n Min Chiew who were unable to attend the party too! Thank you!!

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