Friday, July 4, 2008

My Semester Break 190608-210708

Sorry for not updating my blog~
Was busy with my studies and exams during my last sem!

By the way, the hectic life has ended!
It's time to celebrate!

How to celebrate it?
I don't think that i would really celebrate it~
For instance,
Have taken a costly meal at Dragon-I with my coursemates after finishing our LAW papers!
Also spent a whole week to hang out with my bw buddies~ gathering, watching movies, Sing K~
While for the rest of time, i was just staying at home keep sticking in front of my laptop, listening to my favourite songs, watching TVB soap opera that downloaded from the net, MSN with friends, etc..haha! It is quite wasting time actually~ But i like it! I enjoy it much! ^^

Well, there is a friend ever told me that when she was schooling, she hoped to get a holiday~
But when she was having her holiday, she wished going back to school again..hahaha! quite self -confused right?!

For my own view, i love my holiday as well~!
The longer holiday it is, the better I m..hehehee!
I do not like the assignment's life, especially when doing the law assignments,
u can even spend whole month to do the research and analyzing the questions/cases..kinda pressured!

For sure, now i don't have to face the assignments anymore! haha!
But it just lasted for one month only..afterthat, the madness life coming back
SEM 3 is not an easy sem at all, don't play play le!
So, enjoy the holiday as much as I can first!



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