Friday, July 25, 2008

Special for Ivian SImSimsim~~

There is a surprise that I would like to share with you..
It is the evolution of us!!

This is taken in year 2006, during Graduation Day
Our very first pic!

I never thought that we will be coursemate and housemate after we graduated!!!
This is what we call in chinese ~缘分~

The crazy and happy moments that we've spent during SEM 1~!!

Presentation day...OL looked~!

The participation of ~Merdeka Run~

In our old campus coll...


Celebrated birthday with Liqian..

At New World Park's Old Town



Spec DAy!

Prom Night~!

Well, SEM 1 was our HoneyMoon...But Sem 2 was a very busy sem for us~! Busy dealing with the stupid assignments...
Therefore, the chances to take pic already became lesser and lesser~! lol...

The last day for our Sem 2!!! Was taken at Dragon-I~
Our hair became longer dee o! hehehe!!

The day that we went for the Academy Awards! ~24 June 2008~

Okay~Sem 3 has just started only...
Haven't taken any photos yet..

Conclusion, this is our changes within 1 year!
See, quite a big difference right?
Obviously, at least I know you have straightened your hair~~


ivian said...
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ivian said...
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ivian said...

wo dekkkkkkkkk looloooooooooo...
WO AI NI!!!!
really vy happy when saw this blog!!!
You will be the 1st person who write a blog specially for me in my life!!!!
really appreciate the moment we can gather..although it is only one year!!!but we can bcum best friend and know each other vy well!!!
and dunno is undoubted and unanswerable why sometimes our thinking,speech,the song running our mind will be the same??
i also dunno what is the reason??
haha..may b this is what we called "mo qi"..hehe
vy glad to have u in my life!!!
hope we can gogogo for our future together ooo...


vy chubi la u...put all our pics started from we know each other..
good..will keep into my heart forever!!!

hope we can same as ur blog pic(as below):
you are johnny depp!!


i am orlando!!!


Joanna said...

fuyoh gal!
you're welcome!
yalor, i also wonder that why sometimes our 'moqi' can be so good! Good until too scary
nex time i will post another one if we hv latest pic!