Tuesday, July 15, 2008

~Gal Stuff~

Hmm, it is time 6.49pm now
Have juz finished tidying up my messy room! wahaha!

Goshhh!! is this my table?



Can u notice the difference between these pics?

Hehehee, anyhow, it is quite neat now and there is a feeling occurs on my mind ~ ...


Hmmm, while in the process tidying my room, i have found out something that i seldom taking any attentions on them...
Well, wanna check them out?!
Here they are.. xD

I have seen these pics when i cleared my drawer~
The first and second pic were taken with my good friend, Jojo during my secondary school..It is called 大头贴 actually~ kinda childish stuff le~!

"mushroom head"...=="

lol, don't look at this!! It was my first time to play this stuff with my little sis..~ (forced by my parents actually!!) If i'm not mistaken, i think i was just 7 years old on that time~

Quite kanasai right? ( embarrasing....)

Okie, next is my accessories...hehehe..Gal likes accessories is a common fact right? that's why im not exempted too~

i keep all my ear rings and necklaces into small boxes, it is very convenient for me to take it out when i need to wear it~! hehee!! =)

I love to collect bookmarks too! but that is my childhood hobby~ Now, I din practice this hobby anymore.. xP

These bookmarks are the bday gifts from my good friend, Jojo

She used to write something behind the bookmarks when we were studying in primary school..haha!

"C'mon.. Still got other special or unique one?"

"sure sure!"

Okie, let's continue...

Alright, the Hello Kitty Collection was given by my dad which brought from Japan many years ago..I love it when i was a kid..but now, hehehe...

hey, JOANNA ! that is my name~ these are the gifts from my friend ^^

Snowman..izzit cute enough? A DIY creation from my huayue's junior...

Another meaningful souvenier from my junior also :)

The Gemini's keychains~

Wohoo! my love! Johnny Depp's movie dvds! Still collecting the rest of his movies!

Oya~ these are limited autographs!!

TVB artistes! i grabbed the pics when i went to meet them!!! ahahax

This is leehom's album! i was listening it just now!

And this album too!

I saw this pic in my drawer just now too. It was taken at the end of year 2004. That time I went to meet my idol, Ah Sheh!

Cute or not?!

A gift from my good friend, Gcc, when i was in F2..if im not mistaken~
It is made by soap..

The souveniers from my aunt which bought from Aussie! Cute Koala~

Can u guess what is this?

It is a pencil case!


"Swt.. don't be so childish k..."




JAYREE said...

i cant rmb why i giv u da fish dee
but i rmb it

Edwin said...

it is the 1st time I c ur collections....Tats cool...^^

Joanna said...

> jayree
ermm..i also cant recall it d
haha! many years ago..

u also can share urs to us in ur blog wat ^^

Lqianz aka Li Qian said...

haha so i guess we've seen all ur so called "blink* *BLink* dy... so nex time can go and steal it lolz ...
Ignore the 2nd part its a stupid comment anyway.. hehee

Also the pic that u took when u were small are not the same with the Joanna i know now leh hahaha !!

Joanna said...


juz come and steal it if u dare~~ hehehe!

yalor, is't a big different compared my kiddy look with now?
i know la, become fatter d mia!