Friday, July 4, 2008

Academic Awards 240608

Date: 24th June 2008
Vanue: Lecture Theatre (IICP)
Time: 3.30pm-6pm

I have been attending this presentation on this day.
Few days ago, I have received a letter from college informing me that I have been invited to attend the Academy Ceremony. I was so delighted! My parents also encouraged me participating this presentation as chances are not always given to us..

The ceremony quite grand actually..
The theatre which has been decorated was much different with the ordinary days that we use it to attend class ..haha! With the light effects, we seemed like in the Ball ROom! ^^

Here are the photos that i would like to share with~

Taken this pic at McD before going to Inti ^^

Ivian Sim n I

Gwen n I

Yeongli n I

Mooi Kheng n I

They are my coursemates~ Tahnee n Glady

An excellent student~ Lay Ai

Gelinder n I


This is the Stage


Applause! Applause!! ^^

After the presentation

OUr Achivements!

yeah! ^^

I hope that I can stand on this stage again~
But the chance is just allowed for those who score well (average 80 marks above)in the exam!
Can I?
God Bless me!!

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Dartagnan said...

My candid congratulations for your succeed.