Friday, July 4, 2008

High School Musical 3 Standees!

"What team?
Wild Cats!

What team?

Wild Cats!

What team??

Do you still remember this slogan?!
It is the slogan of basketball team -Wildcats from East High School!

Oya, HSM is coming back!!!!
It is the 3rd episode now which called SENIOR YEAR~!
For this episode, there is no tv movie anymore, they are moved to the big screen!!! Will be showing at cinemas on this coming Oct!

Last monday, I went to Sunway Mall with my sister.
When we passed by GSC, I screamed~!
I saw High School Musical casts on my right hand side!

Calm down girl...
They are not the real persons, they are just Standees!
I thought I was so lucky~ as i met the real of them! In fact, it was not~~
How silly I was..hahaha!!

Okay, there are the pics which taken by my sis's hp~
So check them out!!

HSM casts!

Is Ryan n Sharpay

Troy n Gabrellia

Troy Looks Smart! Ryan also!

Chad n Taylor

Evans siblings!

I was touching her hand! It's my proud! wahaha!! xD


Gabrellia aka Vanessa Hudgens

Troy aka Zac Efron

Sharpay aka Ashley Tisdale

Ryan aka Lucas Gabreel

I guess this is the official poster.

HSM 3 - Senior Year will be showing on 24th Oct if everything goes well

Im waiting for it!



philippine lotto results said...

that's really cute..wish i had one too.

Joanna said...

hahaa!! I hope so too!